Below on the map, you can find some interested area's in the Netherlands to visit and watch wildlife. Below the maps is the area, where you can find list's and images of the flora and fauna i have seen in this region
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Netherlands Report

I started photographing mainly the birds in my home-country, but after a while it evolved in other species. (Mammals and Butterflies)
And, when walking in the forest's in the autumm-season, there are a lot off mushroom's to see.


Though, it's not my main purpose to break a record, it give's a nice idea of the things I h've photographed.
So explore the list, to see nice picture's of different familie-goups; there are also detailed list available of the different species.

When you want to have more information about these regio; see my Travelpage's for more information

Here, I will give a summery of the highlights


Highlights are:

Great Northern Diver, Northern Fulmar, Red-flanked Bluetail


Highlights are:

Bank Vole, Harbour Porpoise


Highlights are:

Large Chequered Skipper, Silver-washed Fritillary, Large Heath, Tree Grayling
Scarce Large Blue, Brown Hairstreak


Highlights are:


Microlepidoptera (micromoths) is an artificial grouping of moth families, commonly known as the 'smaller moths"
Highlights are:


Highlights are:

Green Clubtail, Keeled Skimmer, Banded Darter


Highlights are:


Highlights are:

Proliferous Pink, Ivy Broomrape, Spanish Catchfly, Bee Orchid


Highlights are: