Below on the map, you can find some interested area's in Africa to visit and watching nature and wildlife. Behind each square you can find pictures/information of these area's.
Below the map is the area, where you can find list's and images of the flora and fauna i have seen in this region. Use this list to get more information/images.
When there are question's, please give me contact me; perhaps i can help you.

Africa Report

I visited Africa several times. I'am now starting to build op the list off the species i have fotographed, but that will take some time.


The list give's a nice idea of the things I h've photo- graphed.
So explore the list, to see nice picture's of different familie-goups; there are also detailed list available of the different species.

When you want to have more information about these regio; see my Travelpage's for more information

Here, I will give a summery of the highlights


Highlights are:

Shoebill, Raso Lark, Cape Verde Swamp-Warbler


Highlights are:

Mountain Gorilla , Melon-headed Whale, Black Rhinoceros, Leopard, Yellow Mongoose


Highlights are:

Striped Policeman, Brown Playboy, African Map Butterfly


Highlights are:

Common Orange, Stemmale Skimme, Common Tigertail

Reptiles & Amphibians

Highlights are:

Green Turtle, Graceful Chameleon, Spotted Sand Lizard, Painted Reed Frog


Highlights are:

Ascension Spurge, Dollar Bush, Bushman's Candle, Quiver Tree, White Arctotis