Pathways by Roger Dean

We go sailing down the calming streams,
Drifting endlessly by the bridge.
To be over, we will see, to be over.

Do not suffer through the game of chance that plays;
Always doors to lock away your dreams.
Think it over, time will heal your fear, think it over.
Balance the thoughts that release within you.

Childlike soul dreamer.
One journey, one to seek and see in ev'ry light
Do open true pathways away.

Carrying closer,
Go gently, holding doors will open ev'ry way
You wander true pathways away.

After all your soul will still surrender.
After all don't doubt your part,
Be ready to be loved.

(Anderson, Howe, Squire, Moraz and White)


Since the 1990's I started traveling around the globe;
being especialy interested in the newly opened countries, where,
beside some backpackers only few visitors had heard off.
(In 1994 is was part of a the first group
visiting the interior Mongolia).
Other countries are Yemen, Libia and Myanmar.
See my Travelpages for more information

In 2009 I did my first""Safari" in Uganda/Rwanda;
in search of the mountain gorilla's.
For this occasion i bought my first telezoom lens (150-500mm)
wich makes it possible to get images of birds/mammals etc.
Since then i get more focussed on the wildlife fotografie.
On these pages i will show you the result.

Jan Dekker